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The Coast to Coast 3 Race Tournament is the

big rage in the world of pigeon racing.


The design of the race is a relatively small investment for a large entry of birds and a large prize structure. Breeders send 25 birds for $1,000, Handlers get 15 birds for $1,000.

We guarantee $110,000 in capital money for a $1,000 investment. We also guarantee a first-class premiere race series. The 4-week series consist of a 200 mile race with $10,000 guaranteed, then 2 weeks later a 250 mile race with another $10,000 guaranteed in capital prizes. Then for real bragging rights, we have our 350 mile main race with a guarantee of $90,000 of which $30,000 is to the winner! All results are posted on our web site so Breeders can track the performance of their birds. The best of the Tri-State area compete for bragging rights in these races.


The races are shipped from the Holiday Inn hotel in Hazlet New Jersey. On shipping night of the 350 mile race a hot buffet dinner is served in an attached dining area. Race participants enjoy the camaraderie of others in the sport. Meet old friends and make new ones!


We use several state-of-the-art trucks (see our photo gallery) to ship the birds. We do not over crowd the race birds. We take great pride in the care we give the race birds.


This is the third year of the Coast to Coast Race. We guaranteed $30,000 our first year, $40,000 our second year, and now we guarantee $110,000 to our supporters.

This is not a one loft race. These races test the BEST of the BEST!

We average 100+ handlers who are within the designated boundaries for the race. Breeders may contact handlers direct and place their birds in several lofts.


The Breeders’ bond of $1,000 (total cost) allows eligibility of 25 registered birds for all 3 races. Breeders may use their own bands.


Breeders birds are also eligible for $10,000 awarded to the first 10 out-of-area birds clocked anywhere in the race.


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The Handlers bond of $1,000 (total cost) allows them to enter 15 birds in all 3 races. The average cost per bird entered for Breeders and Handlers is approximately $20.


The birds are racing for $110,000 in Capital Prizes for a cost of approximately $20 per bird – What a bargain!


All race results will be posted on our website – www.Breezysrace.com – and the Central Jersey Combine website.


For additional information call Fred Breezy at (609) 351-7897.




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